Feel As Good As You Look

Our apparel is made for those midnight, open road cruise sessions or hanging out at the beach. Above all else its for those who enjoy life’s ride.

Who we are.

Whether you’re riding on the road or on the water, we all share that common bond. Here at FlowCo Apparel we do too. We stand for inclusion and bringing people together to enjoy life. 

My name is Ty and I started FlowCo Apparel during Covid 2020 where like many I was stuck with no where to go. Like many others I was working a job I did not want to go to and my only driving factor for making the commute everyday was that bi-weekly paycheck. I was stuck and needed to find a way to balance work and play, and to feel fulfilled with what I am doing with my life. With that said I created FlowCo Apparel. An apparel company focused on the positivity of board sports. As a lifelong snowboarder, skateboarder and surfer I knew there are other that shared my passion and how wonderful it would be to be able to create products that everyone can enjoy. 

So I bought a heat press and spent countless hours on Youtube learning how to create T-Shirts. I started with vinyl and found out very quickly that is does not hold up well against water so back to the drawing board. I learned very quickly about white toner printers and on Black Friday I made the jump and bought one. Now I have the tools to tackle any prints I want to do on T-shirts, rash guards or hoodies. 

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